Dr. Shannon Simpson Shand
is the visionary founder of NursePreneur Nation


A platform that breathes life into the entrepreneurial dreams of nurses worldwide. With over 30 years of dedication as a registered nurse, Dr. Shannon’s own narrative of perseverance and innovation fuels her mission to elevate others. She has not only mastered the realms of healthcare but has also ventured successfully into staffing, licensed home care, healthcare consulting, and even a trucking business. Beyond her serial entrepreneurship, she is a passionate Personal Development Coach and Business Strategist who empowers nurses to step into their own power.

Firmly believing in the unique and compelling stories each nurse holds—stories woven with trials and triumphs—Dr. Shannon guides them to become authors, helping them share their powerful journeys with the world. As an accomplished author of ten books, she continues to set an inspiring example, showing nurses how they can take the reins of both their careers and their lives.

Through NursePreneur Nation, Dr. Shannon orchestrates a range of transformative experiences—workshops, retreats, masterminds, bootcamps, and special events—all designed to nurture a thriving community. This community offers unwavering support, guidance, and the motivation to forge ahead, turning entrepreneurial visions into reality. As a certified life coach and distinguished recipient of the US Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, her insights resonate deeply, encouraging nurses to surmount challenges and tap into their untapped potential.

Dr. Shannon’s roots in New York and her rich Jamaican heritage have imbued her with relentless determination and a fervent passion that she channels into advocating for others. Her leadership in NursePreneur Nation stands as a powerful testament to what is possible when someone believes fiercely in themselves and in the potential of others. It is more than just a network; it is a movement that inspires nurses to transform their lives and those of others, one story, one business, one nurse at a time.

"Self-empowerment helps you take responsibility for your life, your choices and your success."

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Bestseller Books


The Ultimate Guide to Getting and Staying Motivated

Dr. Shannon Simpson Shand shares useful tips about going from being stuck to being unstuck. The reader will learn how to activate their intrinsic motivation, combat mental fatigue, and learn the skill of self-motivation. This book also includes ways to rejuvenate your passions, things to do when you feel unmotivated, ways to inspire yourself and others, how to gain inspiration from the success of others, quick ways to get out of a rut, and a whole lot more.

This book also offers affirmations, reflections, and inspirational journaling. You will be inspired to take action when you are finished reading this book!

From Nurse to NursePreneur
Coaching Session With Dr. Shannon

Dr. Shannon gave some fantastic advice on moving from being a staff nurse to a nurse entrepreneur. Her tips were clear, practical, and hit home with the truth we all know: nurses are capable, resourceful, and driven.

Dr. Shannon’s advice was straightforward and easy to follow, making the whole process less daunting. She shared practical steps like finding a niche, learning business basics, and networking. This made the idea of starting a business feel much more achievable.

What really stood out was how she highlighted our strengths as nurses. We're problem solvers, critical thinkers, and good communicators—skills that are perfect for running a business. Dr. Shannon reminded us that we already have what it takes to succeed.

She also stressed the importance of setting clear goals and sticking with them, just like we do in patient care. Her advice was a great mix of motivation and practical steps.

In short, Dr. Shannon’s advice was spot on. It was clear, useful, and empowering, reinforcing the belief that as nurses, we can confidently step into the entrepreneurial world.
Graig M, RN